august 2016

4 2016

Chateau Impney HIll Climb (videos by Jonathan Biggs)

July 2016

9th/10th JULY 2016

Chateau Impney HIll Climb (videos by Jonathan Biggs)

Tracey Cameron in the Hale Morgan








Ewan Cameron in the 1964 1600cc Lotus Cortina







Alistair Dent in the Cooper









JUNE 2016

24th/25th JUNE 2016

Cadwell Park Racing Circuit
















Ewan Cameron on a 1926 Brough Superior SS100 (No. 278).

Ewan Cameron on a 1926 Brough Superior SS100 (No. 278).









april 2016

28th / 29th / 30th April

Manx Classic 2016

Sat 30th. - Lhergy Frissell Hillclimb (Weather: AM, Cool, damp. PM: Cool, dry):

Sue Derbyshire obviously enjoying the fruits of a new (well, rebuilt) engine in her Morgan Super Aero with her third fastest time of the day in the TW class. Only a few seconds behind her time was Tracey Cameron in the Hale Morgan. This short video shows Tracey followed by Sue followed by Nancy Thomas in a 1934 F type Morgan. Ewan Cameron's 1c class record still holds.









Special mention must go to Brent Downey who had the second fastest time of the day in the Cameron Engineering prepared Lotus Cortina missing out on the top spot by under one second!

Fri 29th. Creg Willey's Hillclimb (Weather: AM, Cool, damp. PM: Cool, dry):

Another good result for Sue Derbyshire in her Morgan Super Aero with her second fastest time of the day in the TW class. 

Ewan Cameron's 1c class record still holds.

Thur 28th. Govenor's Sprint (Weather: AM, Rain, cold. PM: Rain, cold):

A good result for Sue Derbyshire in her Morgan Super Aero with the new engine recently rebuilt by Cameron Engineering & Motorsport having fastest time of the day in the TW class. In the 1c class (pre 1941 cars 1101-1500cc unsupercharged or up to 1100cc supercharged) Ewan Cameron, although not entered this year, is still the record holder from last year with the Morgan Hale Racer.

15th April

1930's Aston Martin Le Mans engine fully rebuilt with all new valve top end components made by Cameron Engineering & Motorsport.









14th APril

The engine used in our rebuilt Morgan Three Wheeler is just one of many JAP V-Twin engines being rebuilt with spare parts engineered in our workshops:


The complete rebuild by Cameron Engineering & Racing of a 1930's Morgan is nearly finished. The result is stunning:

9th April

One of the services that we provide is the care and maintenance of customer's cars preparing them and delivering them for events such as The Goodwood Member's Meeting. We'd spent several months recommissioning this Lotus Ford Cortina, transported it to Goodwood and oversaw it through the scrutineering for our customer to thoroughly enjoy himself in the Whitmore Cup race. He didn't win but that wasn't the point. He took part and his car was safe and reliable. And he thoroughly enjoyed himself!









5th April

We're capable of machining any part for vintage cars of motorbikes. Today saw us making brake drums for a Jaguar SS100:









2ND April

One of the great 'mavericks' of our time was Bob Berry whose attempts at the world motorcycle speed record on Pendine sands never quite succeeded but who was a proud owner and rider of a Brough Superior with a JAP engine. Here's an extract from a film we've recently had digitally remastered (from a VHS tape).











1st April

No, this isn't an April Fool's joke. This 'car' (!) arrived on the back of a truck from Germany. Is it a Jag Moggie or a Moggie Jag? XK150 or Traveller? Our instructions are to recommission it as is. Watch this space! (PS It took us about 5 minutes to get the engine running once off the truck.)

Jag Mog? Mog Jag?












MARCH 2016

22nd march

First of many professionally produced videos  to come. Sign up to our newsletter if you would like to be kept informed of what we are doing.

Conrods. Part 1.








This week has been focused on Aston Martin engine, Lotus Cortina diff, suspension and engine, Morgan racer, Big SU float bowls for GPs, JAP engines, Farley at Race Retro, Morgan restorations, magnesium Norton brake assembly's finished and we found a Matchless MX4 engine. And lots of sub-contract CNC machining.



26th February

At the Midland Automobile Club's stand who put on a great display at Race Retro. 

Sir Sterling Moss was particularly taken with our Farley JAP.

Sir Sterling Moss was particularly taken with our Farley JAP.

8th FEBRUARY    

Soon to be forever oily!

Soon to be forever oily!











Different engine machining. Alloy American racing V8 head preparation and Lotus Cortina rebuild.

(Click on an image to see the full sized picture.)

January 2016

21st jan    

Latest JAP KTOR rebuild ready for testing. 86mm X 86mm, 1000cc (1928 spec).


7TH DEC    


Material hardness testing post heat treatment.

Material hardness testing post heat treatment.







Hale Morgan receives a winter refresh.

Donnet block repair completed.

Aston Martin engine rocker cam followers ready for heat treatment.

Toggle nuts for rebuild of JAP type KTOR engine in production this week.



Filming at RAC House, Pall Mall, London then onto Goodwood House. With the legendary Norman Dewis:

(Click on an image to see the full sized picture.)

And here's the man himself stopping for a cup of tea!

And here's the man himself stopping for a cup of tea!

20TH NOV    

Cooper JAP ready for dispatch.









Production CNC pharmaceutical

components in progress this week.





Morgan three wheelers rebuild continues:

Lister Jaguar differential ratios being changed:

Side valve Donnet cylinder block frost damage repaired this week, ready for face skimming:

Replacement parts for JAP type engines in production this week:

Replacement Morgan chassis manufactured this week:

Machining pre war Aston Martin cam followers / valve rockers from billet this week.






12TH NOV    

This week we have mostly been making JAP type engine parts.

Our rebuilt JAP type engines start from £15,000 +VAT.

Payments in 1/3rds, 12 months min delivery for production, all built to specific customers requirements.


22ND OCT    

Con-rod production!










Bernina Hill Climb: D Type Jaguar, Farley Special + Hale Morgan. 


18TH SEPT        

Rebuilt 1000cc KTC/E side valve engine:

11TH - 13TH SEP

Goodwood Revival with Jaguar D Type and AC Cobra.

5TH SEPT    

1953 Jabekke XK 120 , originally restored by JD Classics. Prepared and presented by Cameron Engineering & Motorsport
at this years Salon Privé, Blemheim Palace. 

Wins Best in Show.

We also took the AC Cobra prepared by Cameron Engineering & Racing in our care:


25TH AUG    

1953 Jabekke XK120, ready to leave Malvern.

24th AUG

Rebuilding JAP type engines with our bespoke replacement parts. Current production is considerable!

Today's workshop just gets more amazing, wonderful projects for us to work on. (Rally Escort, Jag, Alfa Romeo.)

15th AUG

At Shelsley Walsh withFarley JAP, Cooper Vincent, Djinn and a Cooper JAP. All ran up the hill.

7th Aug

Preparation of Cooper HRD (Vincent), Cooper JAP and Djinn:




5th AUG

Worth a mention is the visit from a lovely mid 20's Frazer Nash:


JULY 2015

29TH JULY    

Testing of 680 Brough engine after manufacturing of new Brough conrods (80 ton tensile steel).

30TH JULY    

machining of JTOR/KTOR dog-eared heads.

28TH JULY    

Cylinder head skimming

27TH JULY    

Work on ManxSuperior.
Work on 1947 twin supercharged Farley JAP.

26TH JULY    

Barrel machining
1150cc JTOR JAP

Its not all JAP engines at Cameron Engineering & Racing Ltd:

But, of course, nobody does Bikes like us:

25TH JULY    

Cameron Engineering & Racing can offer a highly professional and successful motorsport preparation and event support service at the world's most prestigious events. Please contact us to find out how we can improve your enjoyment at these events.

Bespoke precision engineering:

Work on historic Morgan three wheelers:

Farley JAP Prep.

18TH JULY      

Chateau Impney - Hale Morgan - 2nd fastest at event by .1 second

JUNE 2015


Celebration of British Hill Climb championships with Cooper Twin, Farley, Djinn, Cooper Vincent

MAY 2015

Leaping Lena is running again. This historic JAP JTOR engine was built by Alan Bruce and fitted in a record breaking Brough Superior. He achieved 124.41 mph world record in 1932 with a sidecar fitted. Cameron Racing Engines has fully rebuilt it as Bruce first ran it except that it is no longer supercharged. We’re hoping to see it back in a Brough one day.


Video on Facebook (May ’15)


14TH - 17TH MAY


Mille Miglia

Pictures on EC Facebook page

Jaguar D Type and XK120 ‘Jabbeke’

Once again we prepared, delivered and provided engineering support for not one, but two genuine ‘classic’ cars to take part in the 2015 Mille Miglia.


APRIL 2015


VMCC British Historic Racing 

1.    Hale Morgan #114 

The Hale Morgan, a green racing Morgan originally built by Cyril Hale in the 1930’s. The only racing Morgan that’s raced at Brooklands and is still racing today. 

2.    Manx Superior # 278


Manx Motor Racing Club Douglas, Isle of Man with Manx Superior #278

Hale Morgan #17. 

Fastest time of day pre ’41 class ‘Governor’s Sprint’.

The Governor's Sprint starts from the pit lane at the world-famous TT Grandstand on Glencrutchery Road in Douglas, travels through the Governor's Dip and finishes on the A18 Mountain Road near The Nook on the TT Course 'old road' near Onchan.

Ewan Cameron wins best in class on the Manx Superior. 

Ewan Cameron wins best in class on the Manx Superior. 

Photos by Neil Kirby

Photos by Neil Kirby

MARCH 2015

21st - 22nd March Goodwood Member's Meeting

For Cameron Engineering & Motorsport it all began in March when we prepared and delivered a customer’s Lister Jaguar to the Goodwood Member’s Meeting:

Lister Jaguar (#41) at Goodwood Member's Meeting

Lister Jaguar (#41) at Goodwood Member's Meeting






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